I have always had the urge to create. Ceramics has fascinated me for many years and in 2018 I went to the danish folk high school Engelsholm to learn the craft. I completely fell in love, working with clay and in October 2019 I started my business.

The process  

Clay is so fascinating to work with, and it is a very slow process from idea to result. The long and slow process makes it even more satisfying to open the kiln and see the result of the many hours in the studio. It is a craft that requires great patience.
I work with stoneware, and everything is dishwasher safe. 
Once an item is finished, it dries for a few days or weeks depending on size. Then it is fired at 950 degrees.
and the items are glazed. Finally they are fired at 1250 degrees and after 36 hours the kiln is cooled down and can be emtied.

All my products are handmade with love and I hope they bring joy to all of my customers home.